Saree Looks For Wedding Guests Attending An Indian Wedding

Hey, guess what? Just got a call for a wedding – your bestie's finally tying the knot, or maybe your favourite cousin is saying "I do!" But amidst the excitement, a tiny fashion panic sets in. What to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest? Forget the dress code dilemma, because sarees are the answer!

Let's unlock the world of gorgeous saree looks for wedding guests. We'll navigate the dazzling world of colours, fabrics, and styles, helping you craft the perfect Indian wedding guest look in a saree. Get ready to turn heads in the best way possible and celebrate the happy couple in stunning style!

Demystified The Saree Dress Code For Wedding Guest

Forget the cryptic invitation lingo! When it comes to Indian weddings, sarees are your key to unlocking dazzling style as a guest. But with a treasure trove of fabrics, colours, and drapes, navigating the saree universe can feel overwhelming. Fear not, fashion friends! This guide will transform you from saree newbie to a wedding guest who slays the wedding guest saree look.

1. Finding Your Perfect Saree For The Wedding Guest Spotlight

Choosing the perfect saree is like picking your party persona. Craving a timeless look? Opt for the Kanjeevaram saree, a silk masterpiece woven with intricate designs. Feeling glamorous? A flowing Chiffon saree drapes like a dream, adding an effortless elegance to your wedding guest saree look. For a breezy and modern vibe, a Georgette saree is your best friend.

2. Striking The Right Colour Chord With Your Wedding Guest Saree

Indian weddings are a riot of colours, and your saree can join the symphony! Bold jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue exude royalty. Brighter hues like fuchsia or sunshine yellow radiate joy, perfect for a vibrant wedding guest saree look. Pastels offer a softer touch, perfect for a daytime wedding.

3. Embellished Elegance or Understated Chic? Choosing The Perfect Touch For Your Wedding Guest Saree

Embellishments can take your wedding guest saree look from simply stunning to show-stopping. Glimmering sequins or delicate embroidery add a touch of glamour. Woven zari borders lend a classic touch. For a more understated look, a saree with a subtle sheen or a textured weave can make a sophisticated statement.

4. Traditional vs. Contemporary Saree Look For Wedding Guest

The beauty of the saree lies in its versatility. Embrace your inner tradition with a classic pleated drape and a heavy blouse, or channel your inner fashion icon with a modern drape like the dhoti saree or the pant saree. No matter your style, there's an Indian wedding guest look in saree waiting to make you the ultimate wedding guest!

Traditional Elegance

  • The Timeless Pleated Drape: This is the quintessential saree look, perfect for any formal wedding occasion. The saree is neatly pleated at the waist and flows gracefully to the floor. Pair it with a heavy blouse featuring intricate embroidery or brocade work for a touch of regal elegance.
  • Temple Jewellery Magic: Elevate your traditional wedding guest saree look with temple jewellery. This exquisite jewellery, crafted with precious metals and gemstones, adds a touch of cultural significance and grandeur. Opt for statement pieces like a long necklace or a heavy choker to compliment your saree and blouse.

Modern Sass

  • The Dhoti Saree Twist: Embrace a contemporary twist on the traditional saree with the dhoti saree. This modern drape features pants instead of the usual petticoat, creating a stylish and comfortable silhouette. Pair it with a sleek halter neck blouse or a cropped jacket for a chic and fashion-forward look. Experiment with bold colours and geometric prints to truly stand out.
  • The Pant Saree Fusion: The pant saree is another modern take on the classic drape. It features a pre-stitched pant leg and a separate saree pallu that can be draped over the shoulder. This fusion style offers both comfort and style, making it perfect for a day wedding or a pre-wedding function. Play with lighter fabrics like georgette or chiffon and explore pastel hues for a fresh and contemporary vibe.
  • The Belted Beauty: Elevate your saree look with a modern twist – the belt! Cinching your saree with a statement belt adds definition to your waist and creates a sleek, contemporary silhouette. Choose a belt that complements the colours or patterns of your saree for a cohesive look. This style works well with both traditional and modern saree drapes.

Top Kanjivaram Sarees To Slay The Wedding Guest Saree Look

Here are the top 5 kanjivaram saree look for wedding guest that’ll have you turning heads at your next wedding:

1. Emerald Elegance

Channel your inner royalty with an emerald green Kanjivaram saree. This deep, luxurious hue exudes sophistication and pairs beautifully with gold zari borders that shimmer like sunlight dappling on water.

emerald green Kanjivaram saree

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Styling Tip:

  • Keep the blouse design simple and elegant to let the vibrant colour of the saree take centre stage.

  • Accessorise with statement earrings and a delicate clutch for a truly unforgettable look.

2. Peacock Power

Unleash your inner fashionista with a peacock blue Kanjivaram saree. This dazzling colour is both eye-catching and symbolic of good luck, making it a perfect choice for a wedding celebration. Look for intricate zari work in contrasting gold or silver that mimics the peacock's feathers, adding a touch of whimsy to your wedding guest saree look.

peacock blue Kanjivaram saree

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Styling Tip: Pair it with a contrasting blouse in fuchsia or magenta for a bold and unforgettable statement.

3. Sunny Citrus Splash

Dare to be different with a vibrant orange Kanjivaram saree. This unexpected hue injects a burst of joy and optimism into your wedding guest attire. Look for sarees with intricate zari borders in gold or black to add depth and definition.

peacock blue Kanjivaram saree

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Styling Tip: Balance the bright colour with a muted blouse in beige or cream, and accessorise with minimal jewellery to let the saree be the star of the show.

4. Regal in Purple

Embrace the mystery and regality of a purple Kanjivaram saree. This rich colour exudes a sense of luxury and makes a powerful statement at any wedding function.

purple Kanjivaram saree

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Styling Tip:

  • Pair it with a contrasting blouse in gold or green.

  • Channel your inner Bollywood diva with statement jewellery like a choker necklace and chandelier earrings for a dramatic and sophisticated wedding guest saree look.

Best Modern Saree For Wedding Guest

Forget squeezing into a dress that pinches in all the wrong places! Indian weddings are your chance to shine in a stunning wedding guest saree look that's both comfortable and ultra-modern.

1. Peach Perfect in Chiffon

Float through the wedding festivities like a vision in a peach chiffon saree. This lightweight fabric drapes beautifully, creating a soft and romantic silhouette. Look for sarees with delicate floral prints or subtle shimmer for a touch of ethereal elegance.

peach chiffon saree

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Styling Tip:

Pair it with a contrasting blouse in a jewel tone like emerald green or sapphire blue for a pop of colour. This saree look for wedding guests is perfect for a daytime wedding or a pre-wedding function.

2. Green With Envy

Make a statement with a green organza embroidered saree. The crisp organza fabric adds a touch of modern structure, while intricate embroidery in contrasting colours creates a visually stunning effect.

green organza embroidered saree

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Styling Tip:

This saree is perfect for an evening wedding function and pairs beautifully with a sleek halter neck blouse or a cropped jacket. Be prepared for compliments – this modern yet simple saree look for wedding guests is guaranteed to turn heads!

3. Blooming Beauty In Brocade

Embrace a modern take on traditional brocade with a dark green georgette brocade floral saree. The georgette fabric adds a touch of flow and elegance, while the brocade work with floral motifs creates a rich and visually captivating look.

dark green georgette brocade floral saree

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Styling Tip:

This saree is perfect for a wedding with a cultural touch and pairs beautifully with a simple blouse in black or beige. This wedding guest saree look is both sophisticated and effortlessly stylish.

4. Citrus Sensation

Embrace a burst of sunshine with an orange viscose saree . with all-over butta jaal. The vibrant orange colour injects a dose of joy and optimism into your wedding guest saree look. The butta jaal, a delicate all-over pattern, adds a touch of tradition with a modern twist.

dark orange viscose saree

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Styling Tip:

Pair it with a contrasting blouse in cobalt blue or teal for a truly eye-catching look. This saree is perfect for a daytime wedding and is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face!

Ending Note!

So there you have it! With this guide in hand, you're no longer a saree newbie, but a wedding guest ready to conquer the dance floor in stunning style. Remember, the saree is your canvas – paint your individuality on it with colours, fabrics, and drapes, and be the most unforgettable guest at the upcoming Indian wedding!

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