How To Style Your Saree For A Summer Wedding Like A Pro

Just got the invite for a summer wedding? Is it your bestie tying the knot, your sister finally saying "I do," or maybe your favourite cousin's big day? Summer weddings are joyous occasions, but the scorching heat can make choosing a saree a sweaty struggle. Fear not, gorgeous guest!

We're here to turn your summer saree woes into a style triumph. With our expert tips on how to wear a saree in a summer wedding, you'll be the coolest guest there, radiating elegance and comfort all day long!

Tips To Choose The Perfect Saree For Summer Wedding

We know picking the perfect sarees to wear in summer weddings can feel like navigating a fashion minefield. But fret no more! Here's your cheat sheet to transform you into a cool and comfy fashion icon:

1. Lightweight Fabrics

Your best friends for a summer wedding are fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Think cool, airy materials like cotton, linen, chiffon, and georgette. These light weight saree for summer drape beautifully, creating a flowy silhouette that keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the festivities.

2. Pastel Shades

While vibrant colours are synonymous with summer, they can sometimes feel overwhelming in the heat. Opt for pastel shades like lavender, mint green, baby pink, or lemon yellow. These colours are light and refreshing, perfect for a wedding friendly summer saree look!

3. Perfect Colour Combinations For Your Skin Tone

Don't shy away from a touch of brightness! Pastel shades pair beautifully with subtle pops of colour. For example, a lavender saree could be complemented with a turquoise blouse or a gold border. Play with colour combinations that complement your skin tone and the overall celebratory vibe of a summer wedding.

4. Embrace Breezy Prints

Showcase your personality with breezy prints! Playful florals on cotton or summery geometric patterns on georgette can add a touch of whimsy to your summer wedding look.

By following these tips, you'll be a vision of summery elegance, turning heads (and compliments) your way – all while staying cool and comfortable!

How To Wear Saree In Summer Wedding? 3 Trendy Draping Styles!

Beat the heat and look stunning at your next summer wedding with these breezy draping styles!

Ultralight Draping

  • Ideal for scorching days.
  • Use lightweight fabric like chiffon or georgette.
  • Single, airy pallu over the right shoulder.
  • Minimises fabric near legs for maximum comfort.

Pant Saree with a Twist

  • Fusion looks with comfort.
  • Pair saree with cigarette pants or palazzos in matching colours.
  • Drape saree like a lehenga, tuck pleats at waist.
  • Pallu is worn like a dupatta over the shoulder.
  • Accessorise with a statement belt.

Asymmetrical Draping

  • Dramatic and fashion-forward.
  • Choose a saree with a contrasting border or bold print.
  • Uneven pleats on one side for asymmetry.
  • Pallu draped diagonally over one arm.
  • Secure with a brooch or let it flow freely.

Blouse Designs: A Symphony of Styles

  • The Contrast Colour Caper

    Imagine a green viscose saree dancing with a fuchsia pink blouse. This unexpected colour combination is a bold statement, perfect for those who love to push boundaries. Let the vibrant hues steal the show, and keep the rest of your accessories minimal.

    green viscose saree

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  • The Stylish Back V-neck Blitz

    Feeling a touch daring? A black viscose saree paired with a stylish back V-neck blouse is the epitome of sultry sophistication. This combination exudes confidence and is perfect for an evening wedding perfect summer saree look. Just a hint of back makes a big statement, so keep your hairstyle sleek and your makeup elegant.

    black viscose saree

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  • The Off-Shoulder Oasis

    Picture a wine viscose saree with a stunning floral border. To truly let the border shine, style it with an off-white solid off-shoulder blouse. This combination is effortlessly romantic and perfect for a daytime wedding. Add a pop of colour with statement earrings or a floral headband to complete the look.

    wine viscose saree

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  • The Collared Classic

    Craving timeless elegance? A red crepe saree with stripes and floral buti paired with an orange collared blouse creates a look that's both sophisticated and summery. The collared blouse adds a touch of structure, while the orange hue complements the red beautifully. It's a perfect outfit for a formal summer wedding.

    red crepe saree

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  • The Bralette Blitz

    Feeling bold and beautiful? For a more contemporary look, pair a dark green viscose saree with an all-over floral jaal with a red bralette blouse. This combination is unexpected, playful, and perfect for a summer wedding with a relaxed vibe. Keep the rest of your accessories minimal and let the bralette take centre stage.

    dark green viscose saree

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The Perfect Finishing Touches

Now that your blouse is a masterpiece, let's move on to the other essential elements that will transform your summer saree into a show-stopping look!

Hair Styling: A Crowning Glory

  • The Classic Bun: This timeless updo is always a winner. For a touch of elegance, create a low bun with a centre parting or a side braid incorporated into the bun. Adorn it with fresh flowers or delicate jasmine strands for a summery touch.

  • The Romantic Waves: Channel your inner beach goddess with loose, wavy hair. This style is perfect for a daytime wedding and looks effortless with a floral printed saree or a breezy georgette creation. Add a statement braid or a jewelled hair clip for a touch of whimsy.

    black viscose saree with overall butta

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  • The Braided Beauty: Braids are a versatile option that can be dressed up or down. For a formal summer wedding, consider a braided updo with intricate weaving patterns. For a more relaxed vibe, a messy braid with loose tendrils framing your face is a perfect choice.

    light pink crepe saree

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Accessorise with Panache: The Art of Summer Sparkle

  • Earrings: Let your earrings be the star of the show! For a daytime wedding, opt for delicate chandelier earrings or sparkling studs. For an evening wedding, statement earrings with bold colours or cascading jewels can add a touch of glamour

  • Necklace and Neckpiece: Keep your neck cool and comfortable with a delicate chain or a choker necklace. Statement necklaces can overpower a summer saree, so opt for something minimalist and elegant.

  • Bangles or Bracelets: Balance is key! If your saree and blouse are heavily embellished, keep your bangles or bracelets simple. For a planer saree, a stack of colourful bangles or a chunky bracelet can add a pop of personality.

  • Watch: A classic timepiece adds a touch of sophistication to your look. Opt for a watch with a delicate strap for a summery feel.

  • Bags: A small clutch or a sling bag is the perfect summer wedding accessory. Choose a bag that complements the colour palette of your saree and avoid anything too bulky.

Footwear: Comfort Meets Style

Comfort is key for a summer wedding! Here are your perfect footwear options:

    • Elegant Flats: Jewelled sandals or embellished flats are a stylish and comfortable choice. Opt for metallic accents or pastel hues to complement your summer saree.

    • Chic Wedge Heels: For a touch of height without sacrificing comfort, wedge heels are your best friend. Choose a wedge sandal with a platform sole for added stability.

    • Strappy Sandals: Delicate strappy sandals are a classic choice that goes with almost any saree. Opt for a nude colour or a metallic hue to elongate your legs and create a polished look.

So, what do you feel now? Feeling confident to slay your summer saree look? Hopefully yes!

Ending Note!

Now you're armed with the ultimate guide to conquering summer weddings in style! From breezy fabrics to chic draping techniques, you've got the recipe for a saree look that's both comfortable and captivating. So ditch the fashion meltdown and embrace your inner summer siren!

Head over to Binal Patel, where our latest summer collection is blooming with gorgeous sarees, perfect for making a splash at any wedding festivity. Visit us today and discover your dream summer saree look!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which saree is good for summer?

Ans: Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or georgette for a comfortable and stylish summer saree. These fabrics allow air circulation and help you stay cool in the heat.

2. Can we wear silk saree in summer wedding?

Ans: While silk sarees can be stunning for weddings, they might not be the most comfortable choice for a summer wedding due to their heavier weight and less breathable nature. However, if the wedding is indoors and air-conditioned, you can still consider wearing a silk saree.

3. Is cotton silk saree good for summer?

Ans: Yes, cotton silk sarees are excellent for summer wear. They combine the elegance of silk with the breathability of cotton, making them comfortable and stylish options for hot weather.

4. Which fabric saree is good for summer?

Fabrics like cotton, linen, georgette, chiffon, and light silk blends are ideal for summer sarees. These materials are lightweight, breathable, and provide comfort in the heat, making them perfect choices for summer occasions.

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